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Data type constants in DAO

If you have
used code that documents
your tables using DAO
, the data type of each field will be
represented by a number. This table decodes those data type
constants for you, so that your reports are easier to understand.

Value DataType Description
1 dbBoolean Boolean
2 dbByte Byte
3 dbInteger Integer
4 dbLong Long
5 dbCurrency Currency
6 dbSingle Single
7 dbDouble Double
8 dbDate Date
9 dbBinary Binary
10 dbText Text
11 dbLongBinary Long Binary
12 dbMemo Memo
16 dbBigInt BigInt
17 dbVarBinary Var Binary
18 dbChar Char
19 dbNumeric Numeric
20 dbDecimal Decimal
21 dbFloat Float
22 dbTime Time
23 dbTimeStamp Time Stamp