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Data Types in Jet, DDL and ADOX

The following table shows the data types that can be created
through the Access Jet interface, and their equivalents in DDL (SQL)
and ADOX.

Access Interface DDL (Queries) ADOX constant
Text Text (size) adVarWChar
Memo Memo adLongVarWChar
Number — Byte Byte adUnsignedTinyInt
Number — Integer Short adSmallInt
Number — Long Long adInteger
Number — Single Single adSingle
Number — Double Double adDouble
Number — Replica GUID adGUID
Number — Decimal Decimal (precision, scale) adNumeric
Date/Time DateTime adDate
Currency Currency adCurrency
Auto Number Counter (seed, increment) adInteger with attributes
Yes/No YesNo adBoolean
OLE Object LongBinary adLongVarBinary
Hyperlink adLongVarWChar with attributes