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As I have now taken a full-time job I am no longer accepting new consulting work, but will continue to support my existing clients.

Do you find yourself doing repetitive tasks that stop you doing your real job; copying, pasting, importing text from other documents but having to extensively reformat them before they are useful to you? That's the work that we can help you with. Automating repetitive work will directly benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Time savings. Spend time analysing, and using, the information rather than trying to tame it.
  • Consistency. Processing can be done the same way every time, and presented in the same format. That makes you look more professional.
  • Improved accuracy. Interruptions can make you lose track, and cause errors. An automated spreadsheet or database will virtually eliminate operator errors.
  • Reduced training time. Which would you prefer on a handover: "Here are the instructions. Each week you go to this folder, open each file in turn, copy them into this workbook over here, ..." or, "Open this workbook, click that button on the first sheet, and press OK". Automation makes the second option possible.

From minor changes to building systems from scratch, DataWright can build custom solutions for your business. We specialise in Excel and Access but will help you to integrate your information with Word and other Office applications. We can also help you to link directly to other systems within your business (for example, Cognos, TM1 or SQL Server), so that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

How we work

Before we begin, we will spend time with you to determine your needs. We will then provide a quote with an estimate of the required time and costs. Depending on your needs we will work off-site and liaise with you during the course of development, or we can work on your premises if that is suitable.

Some examples of our work

Asset Management System
An Excel and Access solution which integrated local data at a CSIRO site with information downloaded from a corporate mainframe system.
Training Database
A multi-user Access solution which tracks all aspects of student bookings and reporting for a training company. Recently added features include booking confirmations and invoices that are printed as PDF files and attached to a new Outlook mail message.
Maintenance reporting system
Solution using Excel and Access to generate maintenance reports from a SAP system. The reports are used to comply with maintenance auditing requirements for a large industrial site.
Hazardous area equipment database
A client in the petrochemical industry needed a system for tracking maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas of their site. We built an Access database solution that tracks maintenance data and generates all of the required inspection forms and reports. Users are automatically validated by the system, and users with administration privileges can modify user or group permissions through an easy-to-use interface.
Childcare administration system
A childcare organisation needed a system for tracking enrolments of children in day care centres and kindergartens across inner western and southern Sydney. We built an Access database which handles all aspects of the enrolment and reporting process.
Materials handling model
A manufacturing client needed to know peak production requirements for a semi-automated product picking system using several production lines. We used production and truck loading data to model the flow down each of the lines, and determine the amount of storage space required for the picking system.
Logistics analysis
A dairy corporation wanted to optimise its product distribution and reduce inefficiencies in the ordering process. We created a spreadsheet system which summarised the data and provided a breakdown for each supermarket in the distribution scheme.
A second system uses the production schedules to forecast when trailers will be ready for dispatch. The spreadsheet uses filling rates from each of the production lines, combined with orders from the distribution centres. Users can vary the packing order to get real-time feedback on their dispatch schedule.
Financial forecasting model
A client wanted a spreadsheet model for forecasting cash flow and P&L for several business units in the same division. We built a system consisting of multiple spreadsheets and a centralised Access database which not only improved the accuracy of the forecasts and reduced the analysis time, but also provided a semi-automated method for uploading the modelled information up to the corporate system. In addition, the system provides the client with the capability to directly compare any two forecasting cycles.
Data migration
DataWright is currently helping a client implement a new GL and reporting system. We have designed a number of databases and spreadsheets that extract data from the old system, re-map it to the new chart of accounts and company structure, and validate the data transfer.
Invoicing for freight and distribution
A freight company needed to update an Excel spreadsheet that was used for invoicing its client for hire and freight charges. Previously, each week's invoicing was stored as a separate file, making such analyses tedious. We built an Access database to handle all aspects of the invoicing process, including GST and labour charges, standardised freight rates, fuel charges, and allocation of charges to the appropriate cost centres. An added advantage of the system is the ability to gather large datasets for creation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual summaries.
Work scheduling
A pharmaceutical company needed a system for scheduling tasks in its vaccine production facility. We built a multi-user Access database that runs over their wireless network and allows users to schedule, assign and track their production processes. The system also generates scheduling and audit reports.

If you would like us to help you, contact us to arrange a meeting and a free, no obligation quote.