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Some useful links to other sites

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but it includes many of the sites in my Favorites list. Feel free to recommend an addition to the list.

Excel sites

One of the biggest Excel sites on the Web. Hosted by Microsoft MVP Bill Jelen, author of more than a dozen books on Excel. Hundreds of hints, tips, tutorials, and the most active Excel bulletin board around.
The Spreadsheet Page
Hosted by Microsoft MVP John Walkenbach, prolific author of books on Excel (around 25 at the last count). A large range of hints, tips, and custom Excel utilities.
Jon Peltier's site
Hosted by Jon Peltier, Microsoft MVP and charting guru. Many examples to get you thinking; includes a comprehensive section on using VBA with charts.
Chip Pearson's site
Hosted by Chip Pearson, Microsoft MVP. Plenty of hints and tips. Highlights include VBA routines for sorting cells by colour, and using VBA to modify the VBE (VBA coding environment).
VBA Xpress
VBAX is hosted by Zack Barresse, Microsoft MVP. Focuses on VBA and has an extensive Knowledge Base as well as an active forum.
Stephen Bullen's site
Stephen Bullen is another Microsoft MVP with a site full of resources. Plenty of tips on VBA, charting samples, and downloadable utilities.
Excel User
Hosted by Microsoft MVP Charley Kydd. Business-related Excel tips and tutorials.
Hosted by Microsoft MVP Ken Puls. A wide range of Excel-related tips. He wrote a book on customising the Office 2007 Ribbon.
Debra Dalgleish has plenty of Excel-related tips. She has written several books on pivot tables

Access Sites

Allen Browne's site
Allen Browne is a Microsoft MVP. His site includes a large range of hints, tips and tutorials, and a range of useful utilities.
Garry Robinson's Site
Garry is a Microsoft MVP. There are over 200 articles, a newsletter, and a number of useful Access-related utilities. Garry wrote the book on Access security.
The Access Web
One of the originals, hosted by Dev Ashish. A wide range of hints, tips and tutorials.
Utter Access
Possibly the biggest Access forum on the Web. A very active community covering just about everything to do with Access.
Helen Feddema's site
Helen Feddema has been around Access for a long time and written, or co-authored, a number of books. Has a broad range of downloadable resources on Access, and a page of code samples dealing with making Access interact with Outlook, Word and Excel.